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Tailored advisory services on Fintech, PSD2, and Payments. 2knowlab is your fresh perspective on navigating the Fintech and payments world. We provide you with continuous improved customer experience and increased attractiveness of your products and services through our effective approach. Simply by our custom and innovative approach.

What to expect

Do you require specific expertise (Fintech, PSD2 or Payments) or do you need help to respond to changes in legislation? Can you use some support for your go-to-market or enhance your value proposition or business model? 2knowlab is your answer. We find ways to make a tangible impact in a competitive and continually changing environment.

High-quality solutions and advice

With our innovative and hands-on approach, we offer you on-demand knowledge with a lot of transparency. With over 20 years of experience in Financial Services at top companies in the financial sector, every answer to your question is substantiated and well-conceived. 

You can count on significant experience and expertise with a lot of flexibility. See us as a temporary addon to your team, to help you adapt, grow or innovate, in order to stay competitive.


Is your fintech still in the early stages, and are you looking for a product market or business model fit? Maybe you are planning a go-to-market. Perhaps enhancing your proposition to meet evolving customer needs has priority. We will help you to define and sharpen your strategy or business model.

We are experts in executing business development, defining distribution strategies and establishing partnerships. To do so, we help you analyse and understand your competition or identify and evaluate potential partners.

We will be your partner in product and business model innovation and go to market strategies.


Want to maximise the added value of PSD2 for your company or need to understand how PSD2 is affecting your business? Are you ready to implement new strategies that are PSD2 related or do you need to implement changes to meet new regulatory requirements? We can help you to assess the impact and define and implement a new solution or strategy.

Is your online marketplace impacted by PSD2 and do you prefer not to apply for a license? Our strength is to identify the best solution to become compliant while taking into account the impact on your business and client processes.


Does your company need to adapt to the new subscription or marketplace business model? We can help you to define and implement the best payment strategies that will support you in achieving your goals.

This is what we do: defining and implementing the best customer experience while also making sure the requirements of your business and financial processes are fully met. We have a genuine end-to-end view to ensure your company will be successful.

As a payment company, you might want to improve your proposition. We will help you translate customer demands into well-defined solutions and when needed, identify the best 3rd party solutions or partners to work with.

Why work with us

gregory-cronieWe are facilitators that support you with our specialised knowledge. Knowledge we not only use to make your business outstanding in innovation, but we also use to share via workshops and training. That way, we provide sustainable solutions our clients can use themselves.

Over the years Gregory has gathered a network of highly skilled experts around him. All with relevant experience and specialised in different domains like Innovation, Venture Building, Legal and Compliance. Together we help you realise challenging projects, coach you on strategies and develop the best possible solutions to let your business thrive.

Gregory is a business navigator and passionate sportsman. With his winner’s mentality, Gregory and his partners challenge your business status quo. Together we empower you to reach your goals and realise your ambitions. Are you ready to achieve great results?


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I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with Gregory for 2 years within the innovation environment of ING Labs. He was able to not only bring a promising Fintech proposition from idea to market but in the meantime, he also proved he can build and lead a team and overcome the necessary challenges. He did this in a structured way while also using his deep understanding of the SME working capital space to bring tangible customer benefits.

~ Daniele Dondi | Innovation Services Lead ING Labs

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